The project will have also multiplier effects in the following way:

 1) The achieved results will not just be limited to the partners of the project. The partner organizations will share the outputs and achieved actions with other local authorities, organizations and interested NGO’s who wish to Contribute and undertake innovative approaches and improvements in achieving a strong sustainable development and solidarity towards refugees problems.

 2) Since it is clear that the problems of refugees cannot possibly be solved by only 5 partner organizations alone, the project will try to create a successful coordination mechanism to include also other organization, relevant NGOs, institutions, universities, public administrations and some associated partners, to work together and share all the necessary knowledge and skills.



– Serving good examples of activities for social integration of refugees/migrants

– A concrete contribution for an innovative education for disadvantaged groups

– Promoting the exchange of good practices and cooperation within the field of refugees and migrants

– Changes in behavior that reflect a positive attitude towards refugees and migrants

– To inform the relevant staff and increase their skills and abilities through JSTEs

– To enhance the capacity of the organization working with refugees, asylum seekers and migrants

– Promoting inter-cultural activities with participation by NGOs and relevant organizations through transnational meetings.

– To develop networks and links at local, national and international level.

– To develop cross-border communication and collaboration.


– Improving the knowledge of different cultures and developing cross- border cooperation.

– Fostering equity, social cohesion & active citizenship

– A more modern dynamic, environment inside the organizations

– Increased quality of actions towards refugees and migrants

– Raising awareness of the community and of refugees and migrants

– Development of closer cooperation and collaboration between authorities, organizations and institutions that work in the sector