The partnership is composed of organizations with a strong migrant background and social inclusion of vulnerable groups. The transnational character of this partnership will allow, exchange of practices between the relevant stakeholders, particularly NGOs, creation of stronger partnerships and alliances between the countries of the European Union and creation of a complementary approach towards the migrant’s issues in the countries of the European Union.

CIEUX – France (Coordinator/Applicant)

The coordinator of the project; Interreligious Committee for a Universal Ethics and against Xenophobia (C.I.E.U.X.) has been organizing interreligious and civic dialogues in neighborhoods between inhabitants and religious communities with places of worship. CIEUX makes efforts explaining how the dialogue between the communities and residents of the same city has many positive effects. CIEUX is working with Christian, Muslim and Jewish communities in order to CIEUX organizes interreligious and secular dialogues of proximity: these meetings allow to get to know each other better, to build a more authentic, deep and sustainable living together.


NGO NEST Berlin is an umbrella organization for promoting and execution of transnational mobility. The NGO co-operates with stakeholding parties throughout Europe with the intent to exchange best practices in education, adult training, and employability, as well as in social inclusion and disadvantaged urban/rural development projects – with the objective to represent a transnational hub for innovation in NGO best-practices & coordination schemes between NGOs and stakeholders in Europe.

Initiative for Sustainable Education and Development – Germany

Initiative for Sustainable Education and Development (ISEDE) is a non-profit organization and an interdisciplinary platform that aim to improve learning and reorientation to enhance capacity development, transferable skills and knowledge sharing for sustainable development. ISEDE e.V has a focus of helping migrants and refugees through strengthing of our membership composition as well as the strength of the NGO Network we are working within Europe.

Alliance for Global Development – Luxembourg

Alliance for Global Development from Luxembourg DG promotes research, regional development, and cohesion, the development of transnational partnerships and European projects and skills to upgrade professional qualifications. Additionally, it designs and manages European programs; assisting stakeholders to work together, develop, share and transfer best practices and innovative approaches; developing and testing of training curriculums and materials; organizing seminars, workshops and  raining activities for educators, trainers, teachers, professionals, unemployed and young workers.

GODESK S.R.L. – Italy

GODESK Slr. promotes exchanges among coworkers, clients, to improve their skills and knowledge in a way to stimulate innovation. Designed to run ideas into an affordable and sustainable manner, GoDesk is also very active as a business accelerator as it offers a unique ecosystem of resources, inspiration, and collaboration opportunities.