« Everywhere is home » is confident that the key for improving the social inclusion and acceptance of migrants/ refugees in the European societies is by identification and mapping of existing good practices by NGOs and public institutions. The general objective of the project is to develop and implement effective and concrete ways to strengthen the integration of migrants in the society and cope with a pressing need for more inclusion.

The project aims to create a cross-sectoral and intends to connect the partner’s organizations, migrants and refugees, the local communities and the local stakeholders, by the organization of workshops, project meetings, festivals, and training. With this set of activities, the objective is to achieve to improve the capacities and knowledge of local stakeholders to respond efficiently to the needs of the migrants/ refugees and improve the wellbeing of migrants by working on their integration in the local communities across Europe. The exchange of good practices will enrich the skills and abilities of the staff of the consortium organization, which will enable them to support the endeavors of the public authorities in creating a better foundation and landscape for the social inclusion of migrants/refugees.

According to Commissioner Creţu: “Integrating migrants is not only our duty of solidarity as European citizens, but it is also a great opportunity to make our society more inclusive and cohesive as a whole, enriched by diversity. …we need to make sure that EU citizens hear it.” (Statement 7th February 2017).