2-3 march 2021, Unversity of Rheinbach (Germany)


Within the framework of the Erasmus+ Program of the European Union, CIEUX is the Coordinator of “Partout chez soi”, a strategic partnership for adult education. The kick-off meeting took place on March 2 and 3, 2021 at the University of Rheinbach (Germany) where the AGD and ISEDE are based. The « Everywhere at home » project will carry out: 1) discussion groups to better understand the issues from the perspective of refugees/migrants and from the perspective of NGOs working with them; 2) different joint staff training events to equip partners with skills and competencies. staff working with the target groups; 3) creation of local networks of actors who could cooperate together to offer better integration 4) organization of multicultural festivals in the project countries to spread the « other » cultures integration practices (researched internationally)6) numerous dissemination tools (newsletters, leaflet, website, social networks, etc.)7) various meetings of each project to allow partners to develop the project stage and exchange ideas / opinions during their realization.Participants:- in Berlin (Germany), NGO NEST BERLIN EV – in Rheinbach (Germany), Initiative for Sustainable Education and Development (ISEDE): https://isede.org/– at Potenza (Italy), GODESK SRL: https://www.godesk.it/– in Luxembourg, Alliance for Global Development (AGD): https://agd-eu.org/– in Paris, CIEUX: www.cieux. org